Work in progress

Intra- and inter-industry misallocation and comparative advantage (Job Market Paper)

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Barriers to mobility or sorting? Sources and aggregate implications of income gaps across sectors and locations in Indonesia (with Tomasz Święcki)


Market substitution under short-run production restrictions: Evidence from a trade shock


Pre-PhD publications


Alfonso, V., Arango, L., Arias, F. Cangrejo, L. and Pulido, J. (2013) “Business cycles in Colombia: 1975-2011″. Lecturas de Economía, No. 78, pp. 115-149, Universidad de Antioquia.

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Kamil, H., Pulido, J. and Torres, J. (2010) “IMACO”: a monthly leading indicator of economic activity in Colombia. Monetaria, Vol. XXXIII, No. 4, pp. 495-598, CEMLA – Center for Latin American Monetary Studies.

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Working papers

Cristiano, D., Hernandez, D. and Pulido J. “Nowcasting Colombian economic activity”. Borradores de Economía, No. 724, Banco de la República.

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Alonso, G., Hernandez, N., Pulido, J. and Villa, M. (2009) “Alternative measures of real exchange rate for Colombia”. Borradores de Economía, No. 514, Banco de la República.

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